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You have made a good decision to take classes at Broward College.                           

My name is Yanick Daniel, and I am going to be your ESL teacher this semester. If you are serious about your studies, then I suggest you stay in my class. I promise that you will learn, and you will get the kind of education that every conscientious student is looking for.  In order to do well and succeed, you have to be willing to put some long hours of studies, either at home or in the labs.  I encourage you to speak English as much as you can during the day, regardless of your limited English vocabulary. You cannot learn any language without practice.  I love what I teach; therefore, I generate enthusiasm in my classes and I will most likely help you develop an appetite for learning. On the first day of class, I expect you to come prepared and on time.  It's a good idea to bring your book too.  Try not to miss the lab orientations, especially if you are a first time student at BC.  I am looking forward to seeing you in class and I am ready for a semester of fun learning and great success.  See you in class!

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